Featured Match

Meet Big Brother Bill and Little Brother Cameron

Matched in the Community-Based program since 2015, Big Brother Bill and Little Brother Cameron are great friends and love spending time outdoors! Their favorite activities include riding bikes, playing football, and hanging out at the park. They also have gone hiking, bird watching, and made maple syrup. Little Brother Cameron is surrounded by women in his home life, so he enjoys being able to do “guy stuff” with Big Brother Bill.  

Having a mentor can make a difference in the life of a child, and Big Brother Bill knows this is true. He believes it is important for youth to have mentors in their lives because it helps them experience the world beyond the newest video game. Volunteering also lets him experience various things he may not have done before meeting Little Brother Cameron.

 “I like my Big Brother Bill. He’s fun, nice and good at playing sports!”

                                      -Little Brother Cameron, Age 12