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One of the things my father taught me is that sometimes you need to ask specifically for what you want.

What We Need

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana has more than 400 children waiting to be matched with a Big Brother, a Big Sister or a Big Couple. Almost 300 of those are boys.

Dealing with the pandemic this past year has been challenging for everyone. Our children have struggled than anyone else. Imagine how slowly life is moving for them.

And I’m asking you to answer that need.

Here’s what we ask from our mentors: some of your time and mostly your attention. BBBS asks its volunteers to spend four hours a month with their Littles. That’s two movies, one ballgame or one round of baking cookies. Or maybe that’s two Match Activities at the agency, where Jaren Harmon sets up a variety of events and organizes all the supplies and food. You just show up and have fun.

And you’ll definitely have fun.

One of our programs is School Buddies. This could be eating lunch one day a week and playing cards or board games or helping them with reading.

We also supply Match Support Specialists who introduce you to your Little. They check to see how things are going and offer encouragement and suggestions. As you try to help the Little, the Match Support Specialists work to help you make this a positive experience.


Sometimes it can take a while for a Little to open up. Once that happens it becomes a fulfilling relationship for everyone involved. The biggest delight about Big Brothers Big Sisters is that the Bigs get just as much out of this as the Littles. I’ve talked to dozens of Bigs over the last six months who all stress they will never give up their Littles. This is one of the few things in life where the rewards are so much more than what you are asked to put in. 

And we’re not asking you to “fix” a kid or rescue them from their life. Our kids don’t need fixed, they just need someone to walk alongside them, to provide attention, stability, encouragement and a little bit of love, and the love is the easiest part. The things I can guarantee is you’ll laugh more than you ever dreamed of and you’ll have fun. You’ll feed off their energy and passion and see the world in different ways.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana has been around for 49 years and offers various programs where you can help a child’s future. It’s a wonderful opportunity for singles, couples and retirees, and you’ll never have a more rewarding “hobby.” You can have a huge impact on the future by spending a little time.

Maybe you worry about the future and complain about things you perceive in the younger generations. This is your chance to do something about it and make that difference. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised how great the younger kids are and how well the schools actually function by seeing it in person.

Big Brothers Big Sisters empowers youth and defends potential by providing mentors for children. We hope you sign up today. So do they.

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