Josh Metcalf is a BFKS Kids’ Champion, Support our Champs, Support our Kids

Josh Metcalf, 35, Auburn, will be present for BFKS with his team, Auburn Brewing Company, and his wife Emma’s team, Lyn-Maree’s.

Metcalf has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2016, when he and Emma attended a Tin Caps game. A group of Bigs filed past with their Little Brothers and Sisters in tow, and Metcalf mentioned to Emma, “It might be kind of cool to do that someday, to have somebody look up to you and to help them through life.”

Metcalf didn’t know it, but Emma took matters into her own hands, secretly signing her husband up for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Soon, Metcalf and Emma were a Big Couple to Little Brother Robert. 

“They did a pretty good job as far as matching us for interests,” Metcalf said. “We like to do a lot of outdoor type stuff when it’s nicer out. We try to do every event that Big Brothers Big Sisters puts on. I give him someone who he can be comfortable talking with. He’s matured a lot because he was pretty young when we were matched, but overall I think he’s been a good kid the whole time. It’s kind of just about being another person there for him to talk to.” 

This year, Metcalf’s fundraising goal is $5,000, with an aggressive timeline.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed as a Big Brother is the people who work at Big Brothers Big Sisters have all seemed to really care about the kids and what their mission is,” said Metcalf. “That’s meant a lot to me, just seeing how much they care about it. It makes you more willing to support it when you see how passionate the people who actually work there are about the kids.”

To help Josh reach his goal, visit his Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising page at

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