Finding Their Way

Little Sister Marissa has a funny story to tell about her Big Sister Deb Blinn.

“We went to the movies once, and Deb does not really know her surroundings very well and loses her vehicle a little too often,” Marissa recalled. “We were out in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes before she found it.”

And it was during the daytime and Jefferson Pointe.

“I knew where I was, I just didn’t know where the car was,” Deb said. “We still laugh about that.”

Her First Girl

The one thing Deb has never lost is her passion for her relationship with Marissa. They’ve been matched for more than 12 years since Marissa was 8. Because Deb had three sons and two grandsons at the time, Marissa became the girl she could dote on. They started as Lunch Buddies and quickly converted to the Community Buddy program.

“We did the shopping, the clothes shopping, makeup shopping and things like that I never did before,” Deb said.  “I just wanted to give back because I knew I would have the time. I did things with her and took her more places than I maybe took my own kids when they were that age. The biggest thing I noticed with her was she was very grown up for her age.”

And Marissa was always very appreciative of whatever Deb did for her, sending her Christmas presents and writing thank you notes. Deb still has them.

“She’s meant probably the most ever honestly, she’s been a big role model growing up for me, just being there for me, talking to her, opening up to her. I just really love her and her company. I loved her from the beginning. She was amazing.”

– Little Sister Marissa

But what’s the secret to their longevity? There has to be some trick involved, right?

“I try to follow through with everything I start, and she never gave me any reasons not to do it,” Deb said. “She was always nice and sweet, appreciative and thankful, and she didn’t take it for granted. She never gave me any reason to think it wasn’t meant to be or to continue. It wouldn’t have lasted if we both hadn’t been committed to it.”

Plus, there were always new restaurants to try and new ideas and advice to bounce off each other. They may be graduating out of the program soon, but their bond isn’t anywhere close to ending.

“We do have the sort of relationship where if she needs to call me or I need to call her we can,” Deb said. “If she needed a ride or something she’d know she’s got me. We both know that it’s not done now just because she’s graduated. Through technology we’ll always stay connected.”

Marissa said it’s become a little easier since Deb finally got a smart phone last year.

“My life would be completely different without Deb,” Marissa said. “She’s a great role model and would do great in the future with another Little if she needed to. I’m willing to share because she’s a great role model and I think that other kids would appreciate that as much as I did.”

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