Why is BFKS fun?

I’ll take famous bowling movies for 100, LeVar.

Aaron Rogers: This 1996 Farrelly Brothers production starred Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson in a spoof of a bowler with only one hand.

What is “Kingpin”?

Correct, but how many famous bowling movies can you name? Maybe “The Big Lebowski” (“Dude.” “Dude!”) or maybe in a pinch “Mystery Men” (“We’re not your classic heroes. We’re the other guys.”)?

The world desperately needs more inspirational bowling stories, which is where Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser Bowl for Kids Sake comes in. We’re recruiting teams for this year’s event which takes place June 8-27 at various alleys in Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Kosciusko and Noble counties.

So here’s an opportunity for you to help create more inspiring stories by going to BBBSNEI.org and registering a team to participate in Bowl For Kids Sake. There are tons of times and alleys available. There’s also a new June 19 event at Parkview Field (c’mon, anyone can out-bowl Johnny TinCap! With those feet he fouls almost every time!) and a third virtual option on June 24 that will include trivia and a dance contest. For the fundraiser part of this, we ask individuals to raise $100 or teams of five $500.

But why would you enjoy BFKS? We asked some long-time veterans of the event one simple question: Why is this event a good time?

Ashley Robertson: Bowl for Kids’ Sake is fun, fun, fun! It’s a time that my family can come together, have some fun, and raise donations and awareness for BBBSNEI.  BFKS is an easy way to support our community!

Jake Schultheis: I think what makes Bowl for Kids Sake so cool to me is that it is inviting for pretty much anyone to participate. We ask for $100 per person but you don’t have to pay it out of your pocket. Instead, you just ask a couple of friends for some spare money that they were going to waste anyways. So you put forth minimal effort, you help a great cause to improve the community, and you get to just hang out and drink and eat for free with your friends.

Terry Stuczynski: Fun with family, friends, and coworkers, love to help kids, exciting, entertaining, enjoyable, lively, positive, friendly, energetic, funny, likable, giving, kind, powerful, warmhearted, caring, passionate, nice, considerate, engaged, fantastic, excellent, amazing, incredible fun, outstanding, the perfect activity to have fun with……, spectacular, super fun, upbeat, music, dazzling, everyone is glowing with excitement, vibrant, sparkling, flexible with dates and sessions, organized, relaxing, everyone is capable of raising or donating money, efficient, personable

Regan O’Shaughnessy: BFKS is a time to get away from work to show off your sub-par bowling skills. It is a good way to spend time with friends and family and just have fun while raising money. You can bowl a straight gutter game and still make a positive impact.

Eli Rider: Bowl for Kids’ Sake is always a great time. Even beyond just the 2 hours of bowling. Spending time with friends and family, having a few drinks and snacks, it’s always a blast. The MC’s, the prizes, the entire environment is like one big party! How often do you get to party to benefit something so worthwhile? And of course, you can’t forget the 50/50 raffle which is always exciting to see happen.

And we haven’t even mentioned the prizes that are involved. You can find out more by going to bbbbsnei.org and clicking on the BFKS button. All the information is right there!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana is a nonprofit organization serving children in 12 counties by creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships which ignite the power and promise of youth. Bowl For Kids Sake is one of our primary fundraisers for the year and we’re hoping to raise $250,000 to provide for 250 matches.

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