Little Brother Jose and Big Couple Nick & Kate

Little Brother Jose and Big Couple Nick & Kate

“It’s nice to know that we can help someone out. He has a strong will so things would happen, but to know that we can support him… We just know that he is going to grow up and be fine.” – Big Couple Nick & Kate

Jose has always been a polite and quiet kid. His mom described him as “the angel of the family” but wanted him to gain more confidence to make friends and not to hold back from showing people his great personality. She enrolled him with Big Brothers Big Sisters in hopes of pairing Jose with a caring male role model with whom he could do “guy stuff.” She wanted Jose to break out of his shell a bit to become more outgoing and confident.

In 2015, Jose was matched with Nick and Kate. The three immediately connected. With Jose’s shyness, Nick and Kate spent many outings simply getting to know him. The couple tried to expose Jose to new things: new restaurants, experiences, and movies. Their favorite outings are simple though: just hanging out all together at Nick and Kate’s house where they have a meal, talk, and occasionally play games together.

Through the presence of Nick and Kate, Jose has gained an awesome support system in his life. They’ve really become family. According to Jose, “I like being a Little Brother because I get to have someone there for me, and they are always there, no matter what! Both Kate and Nick are so funny and fun to be around. I think that I’m a better person just by knowing them!”

From the beginning, Nick and Kate have always said, “We really want to help Jose both personally and academically.” Through encouragement and slowly stretching Jose out of his comfort zone, he has gained so much confidence that he was even able to interview for his first job working with other people. He is now one of the best employees there!

Over their years together, the three have grown incredibly close. Nick once remarked, “I’ve never had a brother and this now feels like do. I love sharing wisdom and knowledge with Jose.”

Since the start of their Match, Nick and Kate had their first kid. Even with such a major life change, they never faltered in their commitment to Jose. They’re always seeking to encourage him to not let the circumstances he was handed define him. They urge him to always strive for more, reaffirming that he is absolutely capable of it.

Jose has such a kind heart and wants to help his family the best that he can. When he was a junior in high school last year, he decided to drop out to work full time in order to help pay his family’s bills as they were struggling financially. He began working construction between 50 to 60 hours a week to support his family.

Nick and Kate encouraged Jose to stick out his last year of high school and get his diploma, yet they continued to support Jose even now as they spend time together around Jose’s work schedule. As Nick & Kate wanted more for Jose, the couple continued to urge him to get his GED or to go back to school. Nick said, “He is so incredibly smart and capable, and is living his life to support his family at the moment. We will be there for any support no matter what Jose decides, and we are proud of the person that he is regardless.”

In May of 2019, Little Brother Jose reached out to Match Support, per the encouragement of Nick and Kate, asking for help getting him back in school to complete his high school diploma. After working a full year of grueling manual labor with long hours, Jose realized that he wanted to do more – and he wanted more than just a GED. Now, Jose will be attending summer school and intends to finish his diploma by the end of the summer!

“We love that Jose is thankful, helpful, nice, and smart,” Nick and Kate said. “Everything we thought in the beginning keeps getting reinforced. We have the ability to do a lot of things with Jose and he is just so appreciative, so polite. He doesn’t expect things he just goes with the flow. Grateful and compassionate… He is very selfless with his entire family. He is so supportive and positive with them.”

According to Kate, “This match has exceeded my expectations. Our Match has been a blessing. We have been very lucky to meet Jose and be a part of his life. I didn’t think it would be so easy to integrate a kid into our lives, but he’s like part of the family.”

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