COVID-19 Updates and our Updated Overnight Policy

Agency Updates & COVID-19

With Indiana in phase two of reopening we are allowing community based matches to meet in person as of May 11th. If you are uncomfortable with in person meetings at this time, whether for reasons specific to you or due to more general safety concerns, you do not have to meet in person and you will not be pressured to meet in person. If anyone is at heightened risk from the Coronavirus, you should not meet in person. Heightened risk factors include advanced age, respiratory illness, diabetes and immune system suppression, among many others. The CDC has further guidance at this link: recommend the use of masks while in the car together. If anyone in either home is ill we recommend you wait until all are well. Wash hands and bring along hand sanitizer on each outing.  Parents should communicate any restrictions they require and give specific approval to the outing. Bigs should be clear on planned activities when communicating with parents.  Large groups should be avoided. Stay local and keep outings to a reasonable length at this time. If you have questions or want to discuss a possible outing, please contact your Match Support Specialist or call our agency at 260-456-1600


  • Our overnight policy has also changed:
  1. NO overnights for the 1st year of the match.
  2. Parents and Bigs may opt in to having overnights if interested at the one-year anniversary.
  3. Overnight training is required for all Bigs who wish to have an overnight match outing.
  4. Background checks will be conducted on those in the Big’s residence over the age of 18 prior to an overnight.
  5. Bigs/Parents must notify BBBS 48 hours prior to any overnight and discuss activity plans, sleeping arrangements, and involvement of others and get agency approval for the overnight.

For more information on the new overnight policy contact your Match Support Specialist, or call our office at 260-456-1600. 

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