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Below, you will find ideas for activities to do with your little brother or sister! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to Kristy Rice at kristy.rice@bbbsnei.org.


You Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Child!

Physical Activities:

Water skiing


Roller skating


Weight lifting

Twirling a baton

Learning a cheerleading routine

Learning a dance

Horseback riding

Wash a car

Walking (trails, mall)










Fishing or catching tadpoles

Flying a kite

Throwing a Frisbee





Play foosball, air hockey, pool or ping pong at BBBS

Chop wood

Shovel snow


Start a collection

Make puppets and do a skit

Draw faces on balloons

Paint rocks

Do model cars, planes, or boats

Buy a book of crafts

Go to craft shows

Sew or needlework


Grow plants

Go hunting (after hunter safety class)

Do carpentry

Play musical instruments,

Play board games

Go To / Drive To:

(Or put on your own) puppet shows

Airport to watch the planes take off and land & visit the free museum

(Or put on your own) concerts

Fairs or help at one


Brown County

Pet store



Star gaze

Expensive neighborhoods

Indoor Activities:

Write an article about your experience as a match for BBBS

Experiment with different hairstyle

Introduce each other to family members

Visit a nursing home


Do puzzles

Make bird feeders

Recite a poem

Sing a song

Read a recipe or thermometer

Cultural Experiences:

Go to a play.

Watch an athletic event

Be in or go to a fashion show

Go to the FW or Indy zoo

Go to the movies

Go to art museums

Go to historical museums


Do Flash cards

Do homework together

Plan for future schooling

Learn to tell time

Read a book out loud


Make up your own stories

Go to the library

Go to the book store

Buy a book of interest

Do a leaf collection

Learn about another country

Get library cards

Visit your Little at school for lunch (with parent permission note)

Set goal with prizes for reading a certain number of books

Participate in the Summer Reading Program at the library

Visit a college campus

Research different websites

Visit different work sites

Take to your Little to work

Work Experiences:

Explore different job opportunities

Learn how to complete applications

Complete a resume

Help your Little open a savings account (with parent’s permission)

Fix something together

Clean your house or car

Do yard work together

Change your oil

Rehearse an interview

Allen County: http://www.visitfortwayne.com/calendar-of-events.aspx

Kosciusko County: http://www.koscvb.org/events

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