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Big Brothers Big Sisters is the largest, most well-known, thoroughly researched and measured youth mentoring organization in the country. The heart of our program is a thoroughly screened adult volunteer mentor (“Big”), matched with a child (“Little”) in a relationship that is carefully monitored and supported.

 Measuring results and learning from others
One of the reasons Big Brothers Big Sisters is considered the “gold standard” of mentoring programs is our commitment to producing measurable results. We track our results in all our programs thoroughly and routinely. Matches are followed up with at 6 month intervals, and a comprehensive Program Outcome Evaluation is completed at that time by our staff and the parent, teacher, and Big to monitor and measure the impact our program has on the child.

As part of the nation’s largest mentoring organization, we’re connected to over 400 other Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies nationwide, and together, the entire organization is committed to being a learning agency and refining our best practices.  We continually exchange ideas, information, and training.

Community and Site based programs
This year we’ll serve over 2,000 children, all of whom are matched in a one-to-one relationship. Some of our matches get together for a variety of activities throughout Northeast Indiana on their own, others meet at specific schools or community centers.

We serve kids from age six through High School graduation
We serve kids aged as young as age six, and they remain in the program until they are 18 or graduate high school, whichever comes later.  Our services are always provided at no charge to the participants. While the majority of our kids are considered “at risk,” it is not a requirement.  We serve all kinds of kids, from troubled youth who need a friend to help turn their lives around to kids whose parents or guardians want to be sure their children have good role models.
Measurable impact of transformed lives
100 years of research and experience proves that having a caring, responsible adult in a child’s life makes a profound difference in a child’s life.  Subjectively, it gives them self-esteem, a connection to their community, and hope for the future.  Objectively, studies show it makes them more likely to graduate school, and to get better grades.  It makes them less likely to start using drugs or alcohol or violence to solve problems.  It helps them establish better relationships with their parents, teachers, and peers.
Our strategic plan calls for us to serve 2,035 children by 2015.  We’re growing to do it, and we’re confident that if more kids have positive adult mentors, we’ll change Northeast Indiana forever.

For more information about all of our programs call us at 260-456-1600.

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