Little Sister Frida and Big Sister Abbie

Little Sister Frida & Big Sister Abbie “I feel like Frida and I have become a family.” – Big Sister Abbie The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Frida grew up in…

Little Brother Donnie & Big Brother Art

Little Brother Donnie and Big Brother Art “I get as much from Donnie as he…

COVID-19 Updates and our Updated Overnight Policy

Agency Updates & COVID-19 With Indiana in phase two of reopening we are allowing community…

A Big Update for Two Littles

Tristen’s Big Decision Do you remember Little Brother Tristen from the 2019 Brad Miller Gala…

Matched Since 2016, Meet Little Brother Robert and Big Couple Josh & Emma

Robert’s an energetic, sweet, and inquisitive kid. He did very well academically but frequently got…

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